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Old Chopped, Bare Bones Bobbers and sometimes Rusted Harley Davidson of VA Beach and Outer Banks
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We make up a growing group of people who ride, collect and hobby in old chopped up Harleys. Some of what we’ve collected over the years have come from top builders others were backwood finds that we rescued and chopped ourselves. If you are looking to buy or build something like this and you don't know where to start hit us up and we can point you in the right direction. We have a good community of mechanics, fabricators and parts providers in and around the Virginia Beach area along with builders and part suppliers around the country. Take a look at our past collection of bikes along with what we currently have going on in our own garages. You will find links to the places we order parts, blogs we frequent and of Forums we often use for ideas and help.
We are always recruiting more Blacklisted Riders. If you are local to the area and interested in what we have going on with bikes, rides and rallies join.

We support Shovelheads!

BlackList is not a individual club or business. BlackList is however a large group of individuals, craftsmen and businesses in or around the VA BEACH - OBX area. Our members make up the majority of the Rat bike and bobber/chopper community in our area. With our members we have built a strong trusted inner circle of riders, builders, mechanics, painters and parts providers not only in our area but around the US. Because of where we live most members are active or prior military.